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Glucomannan — Uses In Weight-Loss Supplements & Side-Effects

Glucomannan is a very valuable soluble dietary fiber obtained from the origins of the Konjac plant. It’s used as an ingredient in various weight loss supplements such as Phen24 as it helps in decreasing the cholesterol level in the body in addition to aids in weight reduction for people suffering from obesity.

Individuals with diabetes have also noticed it is very helpful in controlling their blood sugar levels. It’s also quite effective in treating constipation and improve bowel movements.

Some studies have discovered that it can control our appetite and help us to stay lean. The products which contain Glucomannan as a component comes either in the shape of powder or pills.

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In certain places, it is also used for animals. The Chinese and Japanese people have been using nutritional supplements containing Glucomannan for a long time now as they believe it to be very safe as well as effective.

Many people may not understand about soluble fibers. There are two types of dietary fibers which are soluble and insoluble fibers. Both these fibers are often found in most of the crops and every one of them has a lot of advantages for our wellbeing.

Soluble fibers readily get dissolved in water whereas insoluble fibers don’t. These fibers contribute to the appropriate functioning of our body systems. Soluble fibers get dissolved in water and therefore, it’s many digestion improving capacities.

On the other hand, insoluble brings water that’s very helpful in enhancing our bowel health. The origin of the Konjac plant is quite full of soluble fibers and so, it has a lot of health benefits for us.

Glucomannan Benefits

I am going to discuss with you some of the important advantages based on Glucomannan:

1. Promotes Weight Loss

Glucomannan becomes dissolved in water and it has the ability to hold our appetite for a longer period. Folks usually gain weight because of their strong desire to eat food often even if they are not actually hungry.

Intake of fatty snacks and heavy meals increases the level of fat stored in our body which contributes towards weight gains. But Glucomannan makes us feel full for a longer period of time and so, we can easily avoid eating heavier snacks and meals. This helps in lowering the number of fats stored in our own body and so, promotes weight loss.

2. Lower Cholesterol Level

When tested on people, it has been found that Glucomannan has the ability to reduce the level of cholesterol in our body. It is very useful for reducing the bad cholesterol level, thus, storing more of the good cholesterol, which is quite helpful for the body as the fantastic cholesterol transfers itself to the liver and the liver will convert it into usable energy.

Whereas if the cholesterol level increases, it’s more likely to lead to cardiovascular disease and stroke. Thus, by lowering the cholesterol level Glucomannan helps us in getting a healthy heart. However, its direct effect on raising the good cholesterol level is still unknown and is under research.

3. Control blood glucose

Glucomannan is not just effective in lowering the bad cholesterol but it may also lower the degree of blood glucose. It is quite beneficial for individuals suffering from diabetes since they have a higher level of blood glucose.

This helps individuals to control and balance a wholesome blood glucose level and it is a famous fact that having a healthy blood glucose level is essential not just for diabetes but for each and every one of us. Additionally, it enhances the endurance capacity of blood glucose.

4. Reduced Blood Pressure Grade

Nowadays, due to intermittent and unhealthy food habits, many people have to manage the issue of high blood pressure amount. When the blood pressure level raises to an unhealthy level it can cause lots of health-related problems for example your blood vessels become damaged, breathe shortens and you’ll probably suffer from severe headache.

However, in the future, it causes heart issues. Glucomannan will help in reducing the blood pressure to a normal amount, thus, reducing the danger associated with high blood pressure.

5. Enhances gut health

As individuals get older, it is usual to face issues like chronic constipation, abdominal pain, change in bowel habits, gastrointestinal ailments, inflammation, piles and a number of other problems. Not just in older people this may also happen to young individuals sometimes depending upon their food habits and daily routine.

Consuming Glucomannan supplements have been found very effective in improving bowel motions and enhancing bowel health. Therefore, it is extremely useful in preventing us from problems like constipation and gastrointestinal ailments and also helps in treating them.

6. Aids Hyperthyroidism

After the production of Thyroxine increases more than demand, it stimulates the rate of metabolism abnormally. This causes our weight to decrease unintentionally and increases our heartbeat rate frequently which may lead to stress and restlessness. A higher heartbeat can also result in serious problems like heart failure.

Some studies imply that supplements containing Glucomannan and some other important ingredients assist in reducing the higher amount of thyroxin.

So these were some of the main advantages that we can get from Glucomannan. Researchers are continuing their research and research for collecting more evidence regarding these benefits.

Because this is a soluble fiber, therefore, it easily gets dissolved in water. Some researchers assert that not only the advantages mentioned previously but Glucomannan also has the properties which may potentially cure breathing problems like asthma, skin infections and certain forms of allergies.

Whether Glucomannan supplements lead to weight loss or not is a matter of battle among those people. Some say that they have found evidence it is great for overweight people as it led to fat loss.

They have discovered it can present its effectiveness only by consuming 4 g of the nutritional supplements daily for a period of 8 to 12 weeks while some have been arguing the same. Again it happens to be among the very best option for the treatment of gout and enhance the functioning of our digestive tract.

It is common to eat 30 grams of Glucomannan daily with this and even pregnant women and minors are improbable have any dangerous side effects when taken for a briefer period. It is all good for adults to take up to 4 grams of Glucomannan supplements per day up to 3 months if you would like to reduce cholesterol level and to get a minor maximum of 3 g daily for two months is sufficient.

However, it’s wise that you need to consult your health care provider before taking these supplements since the dose will be dependent on several variables of the person like their age, sex, health as well as the reason they would like to take these supplements and your physician knows better about you personally and may prescribe you the appropriate dose.

It is quite necessary to stick to normal dosage because like some other supplements manufactured from either natural ingredients or synthetic ingredients, excessive intake of Glucomannan supplements also has certain side effects and hazards related to it and you may need to face these negative effects.

Side Effects And Risk Of Glucomannan

The following are a few of the potential side effects and danger of Glucomannan supplements:

1. Diarrhea

Glucomannan improves bowel movements. Excessive intake of Glucomannan can raise the bowel movements at an abnormal rate that might cause you nausea.

2. Stomach Upset

It controls our desire for a longer duration. If you take it over mandatory regularly it may negatively affect the natural function of your body’s digestive system. It might cause you problems like heartburn and bitter flavor, vomiting, flatulence, hiccups, etc..

3. Lower Blood Glucose Level

Glucomannan will help in lowering the blood sugar level from top to normal which is very effective for diabetes sufferers. But excessive ingestion of its nutritional supplement together with our anti-diabetes supplement can reduce the blood glucose into a harmful level which again is bad for health.

So the length and proper dosage by diabetes sufferers should be confirmed by a physician before you start the cycle.

4. Impacts Blood Sugar Control

Regular consumption of Glucomannan can impact negatively in the body’s natural capability of blood sugar control. It may be rather dangerous if you’re undergoing any surgery and even during the post-operation period. For that reason, it’s suggested by health authorities its consumption should strictly be avoided at 14 to 18 days prior to the date appointed to your surgery.

5. Other Potential Side Effects

Though Glucomannan is safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers for a shorter period of time, consuming it frequently for a longer period of time may have adverse effects on both the mother and their little one.

These are a few of the potential side effects and hazards associated with Glucomannan. Studies also state that it needs to be prevented consuming alongside other medicines on the same because the benefits of the other medicines may potentially reduce. Thus, there should a time difference of at least 60 to 90 minutes in between.