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Red Yeast Rice: Health Benefits, Consumption And Side Effects

Rice is a staple food that’s consumed by men and women from all over the world. Rice forms the most important component of a meal and can be famous for its easy accessibility, high nutritious value and also the capacity to blend in with any sort of food. Therefore, rice has always been a crucial part of the diet. We all know that yeast is a particular mold that is now an essential addition in meals. Yeast in various forms of food is associated with different health benefits. As such, imagine what yeast can perform. That’s the place where the red yeast rice comes in.

It’s fermented rice that is made out of the mold (red yeast). Though this powerful supplement has Lately come to the medicinal market, it has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for ages today. More importantly, it has not only been consumed as part of the everyday diet but it’s also famous for its numerous health benefits. It’s well worth noting that red yeast rice is among the few all-natural foods to have active ingredients that exactly match that of clinically prescribed drugs.

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For instance, studies have shown that red yeast rice contains the chemical compound monacolin K. This is exactly the identical chemical compound found in prescribed medications that are supposed to lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the human body. Hence, the most widely recognized use of red yeast rice is its highly efficient operation in reducing cholesterol levels. On the other hand, the health benefits of red yeast rice extend beyond just the lowering of cholesterol. This report aims to explore all the health benefits of red yeast rice that has been the outcome of many studies, the potential side effects and the recommended dosage. Let’s see exactly what constitutes the red yeast rice a hugely popular ingredient in several wellness supplements and the reason it’s so widely consumed as part of the everyday diet.

Health Benefits of Red Yeast Rice

Lowers the levels of bad cholesterol

Studies have shown that red yeast rice can effectively reduce the Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels in the human body. LDL cholesterol is regarded as the bad cholesterol and its accumulation in the blood vessels and arteries can lead to heart attack and other related heart issues. Therefore, the consumption of red yeast rice results in good cardiovascular health. In addition, red yeast rice is associated with fewer and less bothersome side effects when compared to typical medications for cholesterol.

An experimental study on 25 subjects has shown that the regular consumption of red yeast rice lowered the total cholesterol levels by 15% and the poor cholesterol levels by 21 percent in only 8 weeks. Another study for 8 weeks demonstrated that 600mg of red yeast rice has been consumed twice on a daily basis reduced the quantity of terrible cholesterol at a significant level. A cumulative report put forward that routine consumption of red yeast rice not just diminished poor cholesterol levels, but also reduced the blood pressure and volume of triglycerides in the human body.

Helps to Take Care of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome refers to a combination of conditions that may potentially lead to chronic issues such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity etc.. Some of the conditions that come under Metabolic Syndrome consists of high blood pressure, higher blood sugar, elevated levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and unwanted fat deposits.

Studies have demonstrated that the intake of red yeast rice will help lessen the conditions which compose the Metabolic Syndrome. Well-noted experimental research conducted over a period of 18 weeks demonstrated that red yeast rice may reduce blood pressure, blood glucose and triglyceride levels in subjects with adrenal Syndrome. What’s more, animal research indicated that red yeast rice can decrease the gain of fat and also the build-up of bad cholesterol.

Anti-inflammatory action

Inammation beyond constraints can lead to the development of several chronic conditions. While normal inflammation is nothing but a response of your immune system to fight disease and unwanted particles from the human body, excessive oxidative stress due to free radicals may lead to sustained inflammation, which is harmful. Studies have provided evidence that red yeast rice can lessen the quantity of oxidative stress by 20 percent.

The high content of Monacolin K

The performance of red yeast rice is mostly because of the active ingredient: Monacolin K. This Chemical compound is not typically found in supplements. Police have licensed red yeast rice as the best natural supplement that contains Monacolin K.


A dose of 1200mg into 2400mg is typically Utilised in supplements Together with 10mg of Monacolin K. But as you may see, red yeast rice comes with the chance of any side effects. So it’s suggested having an appointment with your doctor before you choose to try red yeast rice.

Side effects

Red yeast rice comes with an impressive list of health benefits. However, it does have its own share of Minor side effects that one must pay attention to. The small side effects associated with the consumption of red yeast rice may include bloating, upset stomach and gas. Exceeding the dose can bring more severe side effects such as cramps and allergies. Bearing this in mind, it’s critical for you to make sure that you adhere to the recommended dose. You are suggested to seek medical advice from the doctor regarding the consumption of red yeast rice. Pregnant and lactating women are advised to stay away from red yeast rice as there’s not enough research to encourage the security of the ingestion of red yeast rice if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.


It’s pretty obvious, red yeast rice is definitely a very healthy All-natural nutritional supplement that comes with some very noteworthy advantages to health. However, its ingestion is associated With some side effects which you should absolutely keep in mind. A medical consultation with a Physician regarding your desire to eat red yeast rice is strongly suggested. In the case of supplements containing red yeast rice, then you must be 100% sure that the concentration Is well within the recommended dose. After all of this is taken care of, you are surely going to Benet immensely by including red yeast rice to your everyday diet.