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What are the myths, effects and uses of Kratom


Kratom is a type of herbal supplement used to reduce pain and increase metabolism. It has been used for many centuries in parts of Southeast Asia for pain relief and an increase in potency or stamina. It is used by bodybuilders to help them get relieved from shooting pains getting the joints or the cramps from the muscles. This increases the metabolic rate during workout sessions. It is banned in some countries because of opium-like characteristics. The higher dosage causes an increase in drowsiness and sluggishness, which are common traits seen in opium.



Most common myth being Kratom is natural and safe to use, but this has been proved wrong by some scientists as it doesn’t have a definite trademark and can consist of many harmful adulterants. Some parts of North America started to produce synthetic Kratom, which became an issue with the people using it, as it began to have many side effects. This gave a head start to a massive mafia in the US and other South American countries. This called up for a massive lawsuit against the People who sold it, thus creating a black market for Kratom. The plant is of the same family as that of coffee and can be mistaken for the same.


People have a wrong notion on Kratom that it is addictive like marijuana, but in reality, it isn’t. It is the same family as that of coffee and contains traces of caffeine, which is not addictive and has more health benefits than coffee. Over 100,000 false accusations were made against Kratom in parts of America, which all turned out to be a hoax.

Effects: Kratom has both positive and negative effects. Positive effects being pain relief, instant metabolism increase, and so on, which are very much useful in the domain of bodybuilding. It is also used to soothe up hyperactive people or specially-abled people to decrease their activities and induce sleep.

Side effects

There is no recorded document based on Kratom specifying the side effects and have, but patients and people who have been using the Kratom since some time have been finding it useful, with minimal side effects which are minor in nature. But the patients complain about increase in sleepiness, constipation nauseating feeling, itchiness, Euphoria ( a trippy sensation) and so on. But nobody knows how much these side effects are attributed to only the use of Kratom.


Kratom is an excellent pain killer and remedy for all the athletes out there. It improves the metabolism using the trace of caffeine in it. Caffeine is already being used as a metabolic accelerator in many bodybuilding groups; it is taken as a pre-workout drink; similarly, even Kratom is consumed the same way. Kratom has more health benefits than coffee, which only consists of caffeine but nothing else.